Our Vision


The township of Cypress has grown faster than its parent county can adequately keep up. With no municipal system of its own and no determined infrastructure, Cypress has fallen prey to fragmented development and disappearing green space without a master plan to protect it.
Cypress has no defined identity. Our natural resources are abused and disappearing at an alarming rate.
Imagine a Cypress where manicured green space is prevalent. Township boundaries are lined with defining artwork and canopy trees.  We are a community that invests and cares for itself. It’s a desirable place to be… property values are increased by protected green space enhancing our quality of life. Our neighbors embrace one another and celebrate each other.
Cypress is a community who cares about preserving trees, plant-life, and waterways. We care about healthy living, our neighbors, and clean air. We care about what our natural surroundings mean to our children, and to their children. Cypress cares about the next generation.
The vision starts at the Deep Cypress Gardens, where the legacy of our peers and those before us can be left in stone for generations to see, and understand… conservation started here, with this generation. The time is NOW to define Cypress as a community who has left the sidelines to join the field of conservation. Our time is now to allow Nature to Unite Neighbors.