Garden Features & Benefits

The Deep Cypress Gardens (DCG) will offer an array of benefits to Cypress and its surrounding neighbors. The Gardens encourage environmental stewardship. Gardens provide an opportunity for physical and emotional health and healing. It provides organic nourishment and education toward healthy living, a sense of peace and relaxation. It offers a place for community gatherings and celebrations. DCG provides a role model to children towards the appreciation, understanding and preservation of our natural resources. Listed below are the proposed spaces which will inhabit Deep Cypress Gardens. With your help, they will benefit the community for generations to come.


Botanical Gardens

The botanical gardens are a visual explosion of sensory delight. They bring a flurry of flowering plants year round as the scene changes, week-by-week, dependent upon the season. The botanical gardens offer an opportunity for education, as well as, aesthetic enjoyment.

Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly Garden is designed to create an environment that attracts butterflies. Butterflies typically feed on the nectar of flowers, the gardens will feature numerous plants to attract various species of butterfly. In addition to the planting of flowers that feed butterflies, other means of attracting them include beautifully designed “butterfly houses”.

Production/ Market Garden

The Edible garden offers an opportunity to grow nutritious produce as a collaborative, community effort. The production garden gives volunteers the chance to grow an oasis of nutritional products for themselves, our neighbors and DCG culinary partners. The production gardens provide an excellent hands-on learning environment through ‘how to’ workshops and seminars, as well as, provide a source of revenue for DCG and its programs.

Edible Donor Garden

Donation gardens provide fresh produce to feed the hungry and an opportunity for volunteers to provide assistance to community neighbors in need.

Endangered Species Garden

The Endangered Species Garden actively participates in the conservation of endangered plant life by maintaining live endangered specimens, studying wild plants at risk, and banking seeds of rare plants which are indigenous to the region.

Garden Features

Water Features