Deep Cypress Gardens Master Site Plan

1) Welcome Center

The Welcome Center is where the Deep Cypress Gardens’ offices will be located and where visitors can receive information about the property. Conference rooms and open space will be available to rent.

2) Green House

The Green House will be a functioning greenhouse that nurtures and grows various plants and vegetables. It can also be rented for special occasions. Ongoing gardening and educational programs will be housed here.

3) Citrus Garden

The Citrus Garden will harvest a small production of citrus fruits for the community to enjoy. Sitting areas and nooks will be placed throughout the garden for visitors to sit and take in the sweet aromas.

4) Event Center

The Event Center will have year-round programming hosted by Deep Cypress Gardens. The Event Center can be rented by the public for corporate events, receptions and special occasions.

5) Wedding Garden

With striking views of the water, the Wedding Garden is the perfect location to have an outdoor wedding.

6) Water Features

The Water Feature will offer visitors a beautiful spot to sit, relax or view the fish and other inhabitants living in it.

7) Legacy Tree

The Legacy Tree is the focal point of the property. It is for founding members, neighbors and businesses in Cypress that want to leave their family legacy. The Legacy Tree will feature the family’s or company’s name and the year that they moved to Cypress.

8) Gardens

The Gardens is a green space that will feature a variety of botanical gardens. Educational displays, guided tours and walking trails will be available for visitors lean more about the importance of horticulture.

9) Pavilion

The open–air Pavilion will be used to host year-round concerts, performances and events for the community. It also can be rented for special events.

10) The Green

The Green is open acreage for the public to enjoy! Whether you’re having a family picnic or the kids playing around, The Green will have plenty of space in which to do it.

11) Restaurant

The Restaurant on the property will be a farm-to-table establishment that will serve fresh, locally sourced food to guests.